Brandy Snifter

A Brandy Snifter is a short stem glass, having a narrow top but with a wide bottom vessel. We always see this in our popular movies scenes where the lead actor/actress have their snooty rich at cocktail parties. It is an iconic image and a very real object. A brandy snifter mostly served with brandy and whisky and can hold normally between 180-240ml. It is narrower at the top so that the aroma or  fragrance of the brandy is retained and it has a rounded bottom allows you to comfortably hold the glass and helps warming the liquor.

There are different brands of brandy snifter which also gives us different reviews. When we go to the bar we can see several glasses but I think the brandy snifter is shaped in style and elegance.

It’s important to choose the right glass ware at home since you’d be using it daily or who would know you might be throwing a party like celebrating some special events anniversary, birthdays, weddings or achievements. You won’t have a hard time in planning because you have all the necessary bar set to keep the wine pouring among friends.
At home, you might be having a little bar just to keep you on mood in your upon retiring from a stressful long day at work. So it’s best to keep all your bar tools ready when you need it. When you have discover a new wine mixture, have it tried by friends. Let them experience a amazing smell and the taste of it.

Brandy Snifter Etiquette

If you are tired of drinking from shot glasses and beer mugs, and want to move on to brandy sifters, then you need to know some brandy snifter etiquette. Brandy is technically made out of wine but is produced through a distillation process. While there is a wide range of brandy varieties out there which depend mainly on where they came from and how they were produced, the three main types of brandy are grape, fruit and pomace.

When drinking brandy, the correct glass ware to use is what they call, a brandy snifter. It is a glass with a short stem and resembles the shape of a balloon. It has a wide bottom and a narrower top, so that when you are drinking brandy, the aroma can be trapped inside the glass.

Basics of a Brandy Snifter

Brandy snifters can hold approximately eight fluid ounces; however, when serving brandy, it is ideal to pour no more than three ounces into the sifter. The best way to gauge the right amount of brandy inside the glass is to lay the sifter, with the brandy in it on its side, and the brandy should not pour out. If you pour more brandy than ideal, this would disturb the release of the aroma as well as the oxidation.


There are some who prefer that their sifters be heated before the brandy is served. They heat their sifters by pouring hot water in them and swirling the water in the glass and then, once they pour the brandy in, they get a napkin and put it over the narrow opening of the brandy snifter to preserve the heat. There is also a correct way of handling and holding brandy snifters. It should be held by both hands, specifically in the palms which help warm the brandy. To open up and maximize the flavor of the brandy while allowing it to oxidize properly, you can roll the snifter in between the palms of your hands and then cup it on one when drinking it.

So, if you are planning on drinking or serving your guests a good choice of brandy at your next party or dinner, keep in mind that you should never put ice or make use of mixers as they will disrupt the oxidation process of the brandy which will alter its flavor. If you want to mix some cocktails which make use of brandy, it would be wise to use inexpensive brandies for those as high quality brandies are best sipped neat so you can appreciate their distinctive flavor and aroma.

This is to illustrate How to Hold a Brandy Snifter

how to hold a brandy snifter
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  1. Rodey Clifford says:

    I like using brandy snifter. It makes my wine taste better and better. Simply amazing.

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    I can’t find a less expensive brandy snifter. They are all price high. Well, I guess it’s because the quality & luxury it brings.

  3. Anna Smith-Curtis says:

    I have a customize brandy snifter. My visitors always commend my glassware and I love hearing their words.

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